About Us



We are a company dedicated to supply equipment for the Venezuelan oil and petrochemical industry with the firm purpose of providing our customers with the best services in our business area, offering advice at the level of industrial engineering and supply of equipment necessary to satisfy the operations for which we are required.

We have an excellent human resource constituted by engineers, executives and specialized technical personnel to attend areas, such as: automation, instrumentation and industrial controls; thus guaranteeing the full operation of its activities.


Our mission is to provide our customers with products according to their requirements, technical standards and quality standards through the participation of highly trained and motivated personnel, which using the best equipment, technology and support infrastructure, work with standardized processes and procedures. controlled under a scheme of continuous improvement, with the support and leadership of a management based on strategic objectives in search of compliance with the results and expectations of our work team, our customers and our shareholders.


To be one of the main companies supplying industrial products and systems in the country, with the highest reliability, financial robustness, availability and compliance indexes, in the sectors we serve, with a highly qualified technical team, motivated to work in a a company that supports the achievement of its medium and long-term objectives, maintaining a sustained growth of all our business units in support of our clients, and integrated into our community through a socially sustainable systemic operation.

Authorized Agents

We are authorized agents of Applied Analytics and Servomex; international companies dedicated to the manufacture of specialized equipment for the monitoring and control of chemical compounds (characteristic of the petroleum and petrochemical industry) and gas analyzers for the processing of hydrocarbons.

Authorized Distributors

Likewise, we are distributors of the lines of products manufactured by companies, such as; DatianValve, Rotork, Rosemount, Micromotion and Ulmas with whom we maintain an excellent commercial deal to require these, those equipment that are essential to meet the flow of liquids for the petroleum and petrochemical industry.

If you want to know about the differentiations of these product lines and the different applications that have according to your specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us to request more information.